Have a Travel! 16 juin 2022 (beginning of the tribute to Mory KANTE)

17 juin 2022 - 86 vues
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AFRICA NEGRA: Saozinha (1981, Antologia Vol.1)
Mory KANTE : Yé ké yé ké (1987)
RAIL BAND (with Mory KANTE) : Mali tebaga mogoma (1972)
RAIL BAND (with Mory KANTE): Badialame (1973)
RAIL BAND (with Mory KANTE): Hogo gnayé kodola (1973)
BLACK ROOTS : Nothing in the larder (Nothing in the larder)
Clinton FEARON & NAYA ROCKERS : Guiding star, extended version (EP Guiding star)
Clinton FEARON : Breaking news (Breaking news)