Have a Trip! 21 novembre 2022 (special Shane EMBURY, 6th part : NAPALM DEATH/ TRONOS/ LOCK UP/...

22 novembre 2022 - 281 vues
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BUNUEL : Drump trunck/ Street lamp cold/ Smiling faces of children (A resting place for strangers, TANNEN 2016)

BUNUEL : Happy hour/ The hammer at the coffin (The easy way out, LA TEMPESTA INT. 2018)

BUNUEL : When God used a rope (Killers like us, LA TEMPESTA INT./ PROFOUND LORE 2022)

CLIPPING : Looking the meat (ft. HO99O9) (Vision of bodies being burned, SUB POP 2020)

VENOMOUS CONCEPT : Leper dogs/ Forever war (Kick me silly, VCIII, SEASON OF MIST 2015)

HICKS KINISON : Poisonous words/ Malocchio/ Night goat (Devour their hearts, FETO 2015)

LOCK UP : Demonization/ The plague that the stalks the darkness (Demonization,LISTENABLE 2017)

NAPALM DEATH : How the years condamn/ One eyed (Apex predator, CENTURY MEDIA 2015)

NAPALM DEATH : Oh sopseudo (EP Stunt your growth, CHURCH OF VINYL 2018)

BORN TO MURDER THE WORLD : Corruption fields deception (The infinite mirror of millenial narcism, EXTRINSIC 2018)

TRONOS : A treaty with reality/ Premonition (Celestial mechanics, CENTURY MEDIA 2019)

ANAAL NATHRAKH : And you will beg for your secrets (The whole of the law, METAL BLADE 2016)

ANAAL NATHRAKH : Libidinous (Endarkment, METAL BLADE 2020)

NAPALM DEATH : Logic ravaged by brutal force/ White kross (EP Logic ravaged by brutal force, CENTURY MEDIA 2020)

MONSTER MAGNET : 2000 Light years from home (4-way Diablo, NAPALM 2022)

Wild Billy CHILDISH & CTMF : Where the wild purple is grows/ Mystery song ( Where the wild purple is grows, DAMAGED GOODS 2021)

AMYL & the SNIFFERS : Security/ Hertz (Comfort to me, ROUGH TRADE 2021)

The OH SEES : Psy-ops dispatch/ SS. larker’s man (Face stabber, CASTLE FACE 2019)

OSEES : Red study (Protean threat, CASTLE FACE 2020)

OSEES : Clean farmer./ Nite expo (Levitation session, Live , THE REV. APPRECIATION Society 2020)

OSEES : Saignant (Metamorphosed, ROCK IS HELL 2020)

OSEES : Chromosome damage/ TV as eyes (Levitation session 2, Live , THE REV. APPRECIATION Society 2021)

OSEES : A foul form/ Perm act ( A foul form, CASTLE FACE 2022)