Have a Trip! 28 novembre 2022 (special Shane EMBURY, ultimate part)

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CORTEZ : Antes dos dias dos dentes de ontem/ Aja tasha tru/ Abodes of Hell season (No more conqueror, BASEMENT APES/ ….2018)

BRUJERIA : Viva Pt Trump (7’, NUCLEAR BLAST 2016)

BRUJERIA : Pozo aztlan/ Debilador/ Isla de la fantasia/ California uber aztlan (Pocho aztlan, NUCLEAR BLAST 2016)

BRUJERIA : Covid 666 (7’, NUCLEAR BLAST 2020)

VENOMOUS CONCEPT :Lemonade/ Colossal failure/ Promise / Politics vs the erection ( Politics vs the erection, SEASON OF MIST 2020)

BLOOD FROM THE SOUL : Ascend the spine/ Debris of dreams/ Demantle the titan (DSM-5, DAETHWISH 2020)

LOCK UP : A sinful life of power (The dregs of Hades,LISTENABLE 2021)

NAPALM DEATH : Black lash just because/ Contagion/ Amoral/ White Kross (Throes of joy in the jews of defeatism, CENTURY MEDIA 2020)

NAPALM DEATH : By proxy/ Resentment is always seismic/ Resentment always simmers/ Manbites dogged (Resentment is always seismic, CENTURY MEDIA 2022)

Ty SEGALL & FREEDOM BAND : Cherry red/ Love fuzz (Deforming lobes, Live, DRAG CITY 2019)

Ty SEGALL & FREEDOM BAND : Squealer (Levitation sessions, THE REV. APPRECIATIONS SOCIETY 2021)

Ty SEGALL : Pictures (Harmonizer, DRAG CITY 2021)

Ty SEGALL : Hello, Hi ( Hello, Hi, DRAG CITY 2022)

CFM : Soft crime (EP Soft crime, IN THE RED 2021)

TH. DA FREAK : Freakenstein/ Hospital ( Freakenstein, HOWLIN’ BANANA/ BRDX ROCK 2019)

TH. DA FREAK : Twisted (EP Hola todos, HOWLIN’ BANANA/ FLIPPIN’ FREAKS 2020)

TH. DA FREAK : Sleepin’ drivin’ (Party flub, HOWLIN’ BANANA/ FLIPPIN’ FREAKS 2020)

TH. DA FREAK : Come rescue me in the forest (Coyote, HOWLIN’ BANANA/ FLIPPIN’ FREAKS 2022)